Achieve Better Customer Service in Times of Crisis

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit globally, it has forever changed the way customers interact with businesses. Companies who addressed customers’ needs, even under strict regulations, got to keep their clients and forge new customer relationships.

Here’s why excellent customer service matters during pandemic situations, and what your business can do to adapt to the new reality.

Keep open all customer communication

Since the Covid-19 threat, customers worldwide have faced the fear of financial loss, confusion, worries and isolation. Whether it’s about online shopping, the daily coffee fix or favourite takeaway meal, customers are still craving connection and more meaningful experiences from the brands they identify with every day.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to keep communication lines open and prioritise client retention and customer care. Reach your clients wherever they are with constant online communication, e.g. social media, video and webinars, e-newsletters and emails.

Maintaining strong communication channels with customers promotes reassurance, trust and honesty, and addresses promptly any concerns they may have. Most importantly, it shows they’re not alone in this stressful times.

Realign marketing strategy to reflect customer care

When almost everyone faces an uncertain future, the marketing response from brands should be all about creating a safe place, building trust and showing community support. Adapt your efforts to reflect customer care above all else.

Before sending out promotional sales campaigns, reach out with genuine care, empathy and positive messaging to your target market. Ask about customers’ needs, assess the situation, and follow-through in response to their concerns with concrete measures.

The way business responds to the crisis makes a massive difference to brand perception, too. For example, you could offer better credit support and payment relief for customers in a difficult financial situation, provide online guidance or more convenient delivery options.

Think first about community and social responsibility

The pandemic threat has accentuated customer demands for healthy products, responsible business practices, and environmentally-friendly solutions. According to a McKinsey report, an increasingly large proportion of customers, 64%, choose to buy from trustworthy brands and companies that value sustainability and green practices.

Being firm on brand values and ethics, and aligning your efforts towards sustainability and fair business practices speak volumes of your brand commitment and market adaptability.

On a larger scale, getting involved in volunteering and financial support or any assistance for those vulnerable and most affected by the pandemic shows long-term community support and care that your customers will appreciate.

Depending on your business activity and resources available, pledge to offer free services to emergency healthcare personnel, supply much-needed personal protective equipment or donate time to worthy causes. It’s never too late to get involved.

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