5 Ways AI Can Improve Customer Service

With pressure mounting on customer service requests, thanks to the current pandemic, digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots can help with the high demand where support teams can’t.

Below are some immediate benefits of AI in improving customer service.

  1. Increase customer support

If your business grapples with a significant HR loss or not enough hands on deck to assist with customer requests, a chatbot solution can fill the gap by responding to frequent queries on a daily basis. This way, customer support teams can leave basic customer concerns and FAQ to chatbots and start focusing on more complex and urgent issues.

  1. Respond faster to customers

Digital innovations prompt most customers’ desire for immediate feedback from businesses. It’s not unusual to expect that 90% of clients want an immediate response to their queries, which translates in minutes, not hours or days. Chatbots allows customer service teams to respond faster to a higher volume of common requests.

  1. Anticipate customer behaviour

AI technology is advancing in response to business needs.  Analysing customer interactions and behaviour based on past performance leads to better anticipating future client requests, feedback and challenges. Take advantage of modern ERP and business management systems which are capitalising on AI-driven customer service tools.

  1. Provide 24/7 customer service

AI technology can help achieve continuous customer service, anywhere and anytime when the customer needs the interaction. The technology facilitates flexibility of communication and support, supplementing human interaction. While some customers prefer a more personal touch, AI proves a great alternative for speedy and simple requests.

  1. Reduce staff workloads through self-service

Take care of employees, too. Implementing self-service solutions such as AI chatbots can relieve the workload stress associated with difficult situations and crisis response during pandemics. Customer care representatives facing extreme pressure stand to benefit from the use of efficient automated processes.

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