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In order to stay competitive, oil and gas businesses need to be able to effectively manage their operations. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution tailored to the oil and gas sector empowers companies with an integrated oil and gas ERP system that enables the management of day-to-day activities such as inventory control, customer relationship management, accounting and finance, production planning and scheduling, supply chain management and more. Strategix is that solution – a tool to ensure informed decisions are always made, to uphold competitive edge that’s so crucial in the space.

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The oil and gas industry has faced a plethora of challenges in recent years. The volatile nature of oil prices, the changing landscape of global energy markets, the increasing pressure to reduce operational costs, and compliance with stringent safety regulations have all posed significant hurdles for companies operating in this sector. And Strategix provides the best ERP for Oil and Gas industry – a vital, mitigating tool addressing these challenges. Our ERP capability can be used to streamline operations, automate manual processes, and generate meaningful insights from vast amounts of data.

ERP Solutions for Oil and Gas


(Asset Maintenance)

Used to plan & execute
maintenance on assets.

Integration with procurement &

inventory modules with the ability to

track costs of preventative &

unscheduled maintenance per asset.


  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order
  • Centralised Trip Planning
  • Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice


Advanced purchase
budget Extension

Calculates budget availability per
document & generates approval
based on budget status.

Advanced purchase

  • Approval Required E.G. Line Manager
  • Budget Check Performed
  • Procurement Able To Split / Combine & Change To Different Vendors Before Creating The Purchase Order

Freight solution
developed to calculate &
record freight costs per trip

  • Freight Costs Can Be Setup Per Transporter
  • Freight Costs Can Be Defined As:
    • Freight Charge: Fixed Per Trip Irrespective Of Quantity Or Distance
    • Freight Matrix: Variable Considering Both Distance & Quantity
  • Freight Reconciliation & Self Billing At Month End


Advanced pricing

which includes the build up of sales
pricing with the ability
to create accruals for any
taxes/levies that are included

Fixed fee / Recurring
billing contracts

Fixed fee / Recurring billing
contracts defined & batch
run to issue invoices
to customers

Take or Pay /
Quantity contracts

Take or Pay / Quantity contracts
defined & an invoice generated
at a predetermined date to
increase/decrease pricing based on
actual quantity delivered
& contracted quantity


Extension for capturing deliveries
by logistics with offline capability
& sync back of signed delivery

Integration of
blanket sales order

Integration of blanket sales
order in the ERP to TMS
(Terminal Management System)
to allow fuel collections
based off contract


Recording of
inventory movement

In ambient & standard quantity
with automatic gain/loss posting

Additional status

on sales transactions linked
to Logistics:

  • Scheduled
  • Loading
  • Delivery Confirmed

Supply Chain

Transport Module

Transport module developed to plan,
execute & record deliveries

Supply Chain

Transport Module

Transport module developed to plan,
execute & record deliveries

Group 12990


into TMS

(Terminal Management System)
for the recording of manufacturing
& blending into tanker

Visual Production

to assist in planning and
coordinating production

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & Finance and Operations Professionals

Increase IT system agility, availability, and scalability

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