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Unify all your business operations data in a single, scalable and adaptable business solution that fits your needs. We help you streamline and automate end-to-end processes and drive real growth – powered by the cloud!

CRM & ERP Applications

We accelerate your business growth through Microsoft’s next generation data platform and business applications

From Marketing, Service, Finance, Operations and Commerce to HR management platforms, you get comprehensive dashboards and data hubs for your CRM and ERP needs.


Simplify your business with Great Industry Cloud Solutions

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Let’s start saving you money and simplify matters with our self-provisioning platform OneBusiness.Cloud, which allows you to manage and provision licenses seamlessly and effectively!


As a Tier 1 CSP we save you money and provide you with the most bang for your buck!


Provision licenses effectively and seamlessly where- and whenever required.


No dependency and no reliance on others to add or remove licenses.


Assign user licenses directly between OneBusiness.Cloud and Microsoft.


Create users instantly and assign appropriate access within minutes.


Manage all your billing 
and statements.


Enjoy Microsoft NCE (New Commerce Experience) capabilities.

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Accelerate your business growth with Microsoft’s next generation Data Platform & Business Applications


In: Power BI
Posted: May 22, 2024
Microsoft Copilot is an innovative solution designed to propel your business operations into the future through seamless AI integration. But it’s not just another AI tool. It’s essentially your digital ‘co-pilot’, and it will guide you through the complexities of modern business with unparalleled efficiency and foresight. Here’s what Copilot can do:
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In: Application Solutions
Posted: May 15, 2024
With the rise of AI technologies, the realm of customer service is undergoing a transformation, enabling businesses to deliver more personalised, efficient, and seamless experiences. Introducing Microsoft Copilot, the game-changing AI solution designed to revolutionise customer service operations and elevate the standard of customer interactions.
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In: Cloud
Posted: May 7, 2024
In today's fast-paced business landscape, cloud workflows play a pivotal role in driving efficiency and agility. Introducing Copilot, Microsoft's groundbreaking AI innovation designed to revolutionise cloud flows.
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In: Power BI
Posted: April 30, 2024
In today's business landscape, data analysis serves as the bedrock for informed decision-making and strategic planning. As businesses navigate through an increasingly complex environment, the ability to derive actionable insights from data has become paramount. Power BI, Microsoft's powerful business analytics tool, has emerged as a cornerstone in this endeavour, enabling organisations to visualise and analyse data with unparalleled ease and efficiency.
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In: Power BI
Posted: April 17, 2024
The business not using real-time data to craft strategies in a given market, is a business that may always be on the back foot. Why? Because the need for real-time data has become increasingly crucial for informed decision-making and staying competitive. To meet this demand, businesses are turning to advanced analytics solutions like Power BI and integrating them with their ERP systems. Here, we’ll explore the benefits and intricacies of integrating Power BI with ERP systems for real-time analytics. We’ll also take a closer look at the Strategix and Microsoft Dynamics 365 partnership, and how your business can leverage that pairing to give your analytics a technical boost. Read on.
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