Digitising the Workplace with Office 365

The concept of ‘digital transformation’ for businesses has been around for years. Yet, some companies found themselves on a newly accelerated adoption curve due to the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

For these businesses, both survival and success now depend on creating a safe, collaborative online environment for all employees, embracing flexible work schedules, and boosting productivity via digital apps.

Moving to a cloud environment is the key to work flexibility and accessibility. Build on Microsoft’s cloud framework, Office 365 is an excellent place to start the digital transformation journey in the workplace and support this ongoing process.

Migrate email and files to the cloud

Synchronising files on multiple devices to ease collaboration requires a flexible cloud storage setup. Moving your emails in the cloud is critical when you configure Office 365 for business. Consider your migration options. Speak to your Microsoft vendor about email exchange, file storage requirements and system configuration.

Improve data security and compliance

Your business is likely to benefit from the Enterprise Mobility + Security app to manage advanced mobile and multi-device security, multi-factor authentication, user rights and privacy, and data compliance such as GDPR.

If you are worried about keeping business-critical data and sensitive information secure without compromising everyday mobility and accessibility, discuss additional security options with your Microsoft vendor.

Focus on productivity and collaboration apps

Switching from on-premise software to cloud-based productivity and collaboration is the next step in the digital transformation journey following migration and admin configuration.

As part of the Office 365 suite, you get to benefit from the cloud versions of the essential productivity tools – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Bonus? Automatic software updates and functionality upgrades, and real-time file sharing, editing, and document reviews.

Moving employees to online collaborative tools encourages the speedy use of messaging, chat, video conferencing, online presentations and interactive team meetings. In short, everything you may need for a virtual office environment.

Think built-in enterprise-grade solutions that make the work process user-friendly, flexible and secure. For example, Sharepoint, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams are included standard in the Office 365 suite, facilitating easier document management, better business processes and cost-saving system maintenance.

Jaco Stoltz - Team Member

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