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How Dynamics 365 Can Improve Supply Chain Optimisation

There’s an overarching operational directive in the business world – enhanced efficiency through digitisation and the automation of as many processes as possible. And this is no novel state. In fact, our way of working has been building to this, for some time. The hyper-awareness of it, though, and the increased frequency of businesses adopting the optimisation of every part of the organisational structure through digitisation, has definitely been prioritised in the wake of the last few years. And we know why. But it’s definitely here to stay – even as things get back to normal, somewhat. Why? Because it’s just better business.

But let’s get more specific. This article is about enmeshing technology into every facet of your organisation. So, let’s start where the products start – in the warehouse, and specifically with how tech can make your logistics and supply chain management better.

But not just any tech – Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365). Here we’ll talk about how D365 can guarantee smooth inventory control, faster order fulfilment and more efficient logistics.

Let’s unpack its value.

Enjoy this content?

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What is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, put simply, is a solution to the problem of sticky supply chain processes, stalled manufacturing and trade processes that because of redundancy, are effectively forcing many businesses that rely on supply chains, into the operational doldrums.

As an overall solution to the above, here’s what D365 Supply Chain Management can do to enhance your operational efficiency:

  • Optimise production
  • Streamline logistics
  • Improve distribution processes
  • Drastically improve customer relationships
  • Have tighter control over the sales process
  • End-to-end visibility of all assets in the supply chain
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing supply chain system
  • And because of all of the above, productivity improvements

What Benefits Does Supply Chain Optimisation Have On Warehousing?

Well, the benefits are vast. There are some very specific improvements, though, that the D365 supply chain solution can help you master in your business.

Manages customer demand

One of the main causes of catastrophic bottlenecks in a business’s supply chain, is unrealistic demands from the client side. This does much to cause the following blockers:

  • Additional workload for the supply chain staff
  • Changes in priorities that may be to the detriment of the next client in the chain
  • A waste of resources, time and money
  • Wavering customer service quality
  • Interruption to established and working plans

Supply chain optimisation, then, allows for better management of customer demands, ensuring your supply situation is compatible with the orders in the chain, and guaranteeing accurate expectation management.

The D365 protocol also ensures, in many cases, that your enterprise resource planning is more accurate than your clients’ established systems and will effectively let you tell them what they need, and when they need it.

Ensures better supplier collaboration

When it comes to the supplier side in your chain, the more you can tell your suppliers the better. And that, essentially, is what the D365 ERP is designed to do – through rich data sets, and an end-to-end optic on every step of the process, D365 automates communications with suppliers to provide them with information and real-times updates on:

  • Confirmation of orders
  • Updated delivery schedules
  • Product unavailability and alternatives

Reduces warehouse constraints

As mentioned, one of the main causes of supply chain stagnation and stalling, is bottlenecking. And this can be largely blamed on capacity issues and constraints in the chain. D365 can help pinpoint those snags, by:

  • Identifying capacity shortfalls
  • Maximising output
  • Minimising costs
  • Streamlining scheduling when bottlenecks happen
  • Planning for limited capacity to ensure highest production and greater returns

Why Use Dynamics 365 For Warehouse and Supply Chain Management?

In a nutshell, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and its supply chain management feature, gives you a number of reasons to integrate its protocol with your business operations. Reasons like:

  • Automation to drive sales
  • Better processes in manufacturing
  • Better quality products, consistently
  • Automated financial processes from warehouse, to shipping to accounting and billing – basically, business-wide improvements
  • Smooth and infinitely efficient warehouse management even with staff constraints
  • Speedy logistics

… and much more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its supply chain management capabilities is simply an upgrade for your existing warehouse ecosystem. And what’s the inevitable by-product of an independent, automated, efficient system? Well, it’s usually success and growth.

we’re poised to help you take your warehouse and supply chain management to vital new levels.

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